Doggone it! Biwabik is getting a dog park and we need your help! The Biwabik Area Civic Association and the City of Biwabik are partnering to make this amenity become a reality.

The Biwabik City Council recently approved a five-year strategic plan by Northspan. That plan is concentrating on four directions. They are enhancing and promoting amenities, encouraging and facilitating economic development, creating a sense of community, and reconnecting with the community.

Peter Senarighi, president of the Biwabik Area Civic Association, pitched the idea of a dog park to the City Council at the February meeting. In the study, a dog park was one of the items residents of Biwabik requested. The council voted to partner on the project with the Biwabik Area Civic Association.

A successful dog park should be at least an acre in size. It should have 5 or 6 foot fencing all around. It should have a side for large breeds and aside for small breeds and puppies. It needs to have access to materials to clean up after pets. It also should have a place to unleash and leash your dog before going into or leaving the park.

If you want to help create this dog park, please come to the Biwabik Park Pavilion on March 19, 2022, at 10 AM. This meeting is a place to bring your ideas. Decisions need to be made on a location, how to fund the project and how to maintain it. We need to name the dog park. We need to form a solid committee that will help with the building of the dog park, but also help monitor the park for any maintenance issues. A solid citizen group will be key to what makes this project successful for the community. With a great group of dog lovers, anything is paw-sible.

Dog Park Interest

Dog Park FAQ

  • Where will the Dog Park Be?
    • This will be decided by the committee, join us on Saturday, March 19th at @10 am to help us decide.
  • How much is this going to cost?
    • No, budget is set aside or planned as of yet. Funding will come from a mix of Fundraising, Donations, Grants, and the City of Biwabik.
  • What will the park look like?
    • This is completely up to the committee group, so join us to have your voice thoughts included.
  • How many meetings/time will this take to plan and discuss?
    • ???, who knows!  This is a pilot program for the rest of the Strategic Plan. We foresee at least 2 to 3 committee meetings and then a larger public meeting eventually.  A number of council updates are to be submitted.  Future meetings will be set after this first meeting.
  • Who is going to clean up the dog poop?
    • While we wish dog owners would deal with this on their own, that just doesn’t happen, for whatever reason.  So we will be looking for a group of folks who will help with ongoing maintenance. Everyone loves volunteers!
  •   Will the Park have _____?
    • Come to the meeting or drop us a line and get your idea or question included with the meeting.
  • Why is the meeting on a Saturday?
    • In the hopes of getting a maximum amount of people to come and help us plan this new city amenity we are hoping holding this on a Saturday will help.
  • When can I bring my dog to the park?
    • While a grand opening in 2022 is unlikely, who knows 2023 is much more likely.
  • More to come… Send us your questions!